Therapeutic Sports

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 Therapeutic Sports Massage Therapy

   This massage is Great..!, One of the Best in the City, for anyone looking to improve one's health and do the right thing for the body, mind and Sport. Almost all of my clients, Professional Athlete's, Weekend Warriors and even House Wives, love this Therapeutic Sport Massage. This is the massage.., I am known for...!, Why....?, Because...,   "IT WORKS"..!, and it has everything for the Active Client or Professional Athlete... this therapeutic and relaxing massage session puts it all together and More....!

   The Sports Massage Session, starts on a heated table with warm moist heat pad under your lower back to help support your back and relax you, then Optional Face, Stomach and Scalp massage is offered, next is Swedish Massage to warm the muscles before the Stretching, and not just any stretching, "Active Isolated Stretching", to improve flexibility and range of motion, plus helps prevent injury's. This massage session has Deep Tissue work for all your tight sore muscles and it is great for removing toxins from the body and allowing fresh blood and oxygen to flow into muscle and soft tissue to start faster recovery time and we all like a faster recovery time. Plus, Deep Tissue Therapy with cross- fiber-friction work, is the best thing for Breaking-up Scar Tissue from injury's old or new. The Sports Massage is finished with fresh moist heat pads on your back and more Swedish Massage to Totally Relax...  Your Mind, Body and improve Performance.  

   This session may last up to two hours or more, depending on size of person, injury(s) and optional face, scalp and stomach massage.

   The Sports Massage, is very Therapeutic and Very Relaxing for Professional Athlete's, weekend Athlete's or any Active Person. Most of my clients and athlete's see the improvement in Sport Performance and Body motion, right after the first massage session with me and with reg., therapeutic Massage work like this, you and Your Body can be the Best it can Be..., on and off the Playing Field. 

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 This Session is..., $85.00 / "What a Deal...!"



Deep Tissue, Sport Massage Stretching
Sport Massage Stretching
Deep Tissue work on Back
Sports Stretching
Sports Massage Stretching

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage Therapy....

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is Great for tight Sore Muscle, Breaking-up Scar Tissue, Flushing-out Toxins from soft tissue, like muscle and Much More...!

Professional Athlete's Massage Therapy
Deep Tissue Work on Scapula

 Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

   This massage has worked wonders for my clients with pain from sleeping wrong, Injury's from playing Sports, Training or whatever may have caused your muscle and soft tissue pain. I must say, I love to give this massage to someone that has muscle and soft tissue problems..! Because it is always Great to help someone in pain and improve a clients range of motion, work-outs and Training Performance all after one of my massage therapy session. This massage has helped so many of my client get on with the day or handle the day to day stress of work, family and Sport. I've seen it Help Athlete's that need to find a break thru, to the point of training you did not think the body could take much more.. then you get a Deep Tissue massage or Sports massage therapy, and next thing you know the pain seem to just gone away, training gets better, making Mind, Body and Sport all work together letting you perform at your best all the time.

   The Deep tissue massage is great for all type's of clients with sore tight muscle, soft tissue pain and it happens to be one of the Best things you can do with Cross-Friction-Fiber therapy, together break-up scar tissue from old or new injury's. The therapeutic value of this type of massage therapy work speaks for it's self. Most clients and Athlete's can see and feel improvements in body and sports performance right away. As for the difference between the Deep Tissue massage and the Sports Massage is Stretching. I do Not, do much stretching in the Deep Tissue massage therapy session. Yes..., Deep Tissue Therapy can be painful at times but...... not always, sometimes it can be just a firm massage to flush toxin from muscle, soft tissue and to relax you and your muscle. How deep the pressure is ... is up to the clients and the needs of a client. Remember sometimes it is painful but needed to break-up scar tissue and work deep muscle, a reg., massage would miss.


   The Deep Tissue Massage therapy session, starts like my other massage or therapy sessions. I'll show you to the Relaxing Therapy room and a place to put your things. I'll go over how to start the massage and step out to let you disrobe to your comfort level, you start face up on a heat table with warm moist heating pads under lower back. You'll be draped with a towel or sheet. Then Optional Face, Stomach and Scalp massage are offered and I'll go over any area that may need deep work and why..! As we start with Swedish massage to warm and relax muscle, before the deep work that is needed to loosen tight sore muscle, break-up scar tissue and flush toxins out of the muscle and soft tissue. I'll use, Sports Creams, Hot (and/or) Cold therapy packs at different time of the massage session, if needed. This session take about 1 hour and 20 to 30mins., depending on injury's, size of person and things like that. You may notice this massage is in the "Therapeutic Massage Therapy" and "Other Techniques" on this site, because it is both Relaxing and Very Therapeutic.


 This Session...,  $75.00 



Gluteus Maimus Deep Tissue work
Deep Tissue work on Gluteus Maximus
Back Pain Help
Deep Tissue work on Lower Back